Zodwa Wabantu (Private Life) Relationships And Son.

Zodwa Wabantu Private Life

Zodwa Wabantu (Private Life) Relationships And Son.

Anyone who has ever heard of Zodwa Wabantu, which is possibly everyone not living in the caves, will attest that she is controversial on one hand, and one who gets whatever she wants, on the other. While it is the career of the pantless dancer that always gets the most light, her love life does not escape the attention of the public for the same reasons that her career has courted, controversy.

A mother of one, she has been in several relationships in the past, which have come to end in a manner not many would have thought. Wabantu might still be a young woman who is in her 30s, but she has insisted on dating even much younger men. Of late, she has been caught in the light of yet another controversy after she ended her engagement with her boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda, before moving on to yet another man, Vusi Ngubane.

One of the first known relationships of the dancer was with former millionaire Mandla Mthembu. Zodwa spilled the beans on the relationship, which was previously unknown on her TV reality show, ‘Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored.’ At the time the two had a relationship, he was still married to his ex-wife, Khanyi Mbau.

According to the South African actress, her husband seemed to be more in love with the dancer than he was with her, and he had what she described as a genuine love for Zodwa because the pantless dancer was able to give him the conversation she was unable to give. However, it seems as though it was not Wabantu that ended their marriage; Mandla became abusive towards his wife when he started drinking too much and losing money, so she decided to walk out of the union.

What makes it even more interesting is that Wabantu would go on to have a son who was born at almost the same time as Khanyi’s daughter with Mandla, who was born in 2006. Zodwa has never openly revealed who the father of her son is, but there have been speculations that have been supported by both Zodwa and Mandla’s former wife that the former millionaire could as well be the father, as she got pregnant during their relationship that lasted for three years before it ended.

Since having her son, Vuyo, in 2006, Zodwa Wabantu has come to build all her world around him. It was for this reason that she contacted the ex-wife of Mandla in an attempt to determine if her son and the former’s daughter are siblings. If they are, she wants them to know it as they grow to tighten their bond.

Zodwa invited Khanyi Mbau to her show, where she revealed to her she was not sure who the father of her kid was, although she had a suspicion that it could as well be Mandla. When the actress demanded Vuyo’s picture, she also said she suspected he was her daughter’s brother.

Although she revealed she had her time with her ex, an older man, she has come to now prefer much younger men or as she preferred to call them, Ben 10. This was probably the drive for her to start her next relationship with the man, Ntobeko Linda; he was only 18 when they began dating. Zodwa was 9 years older than her lover, but that was not enough reason to stop their relationship from flourishing for the next 6 years.

He gave her all the love she wanted while she gave him fame, gifts, and fortune. In 2019, they almost walked down the aisle after Zodwa Wabantu went down on a knee and proposed to Ntobeko who was 24 at the time, while she was 33. For the proposal, the dancer got herself a diamond ring worth R47,826, and she got for her Ben 10 lover a gold ring that was worth R5,217.

Unfortunately, the marriage was not to be as she would break the engagement twice before finally ending their relationship. By the time she ended the relationship, she had already paid lobola on his head. Hence, she demanded that in the least, half of that should be paid back to her.

It wouldn’t take too long after her relationship with Ntobeko Linda failed before Wabantu found herself a new love in yet another younger man, Vusi Buthelezi, a model, and a young entrepreneur. Just as it was with her former Ben 10, the new one was not famous, but she was determined to get him the fame.

When she revealed that she was dating Vusi, Zodwa, who is one of SA’s women in high demand, and the young student was already three months down the line as a couple. The two soon moved in together, and according to her, Vusi slept in her house for a year, and she took care of him. This relationship did not last as long as the previous one with Linda, as it came crashing less than barely a year after it all began.

Zodwa Wabantu made a video, where she revealed that she was looking for her ex whom she described as a fraudster. She stated that she wanted him brought to her alive. According to her, Vusi Buthelezi used her name and connection to get contracts, and he used her money to buy a lot of things, including a car, wristwatch, sneakers, and much more, all of which she wanted to have back.

On his part, Vusi, who has not commented on all the accusations, claimed he ended the relationship because she posted something on social media that reflected badly on him. He has since started another relationship with yet another woman who is much younger. He has continued to share his pictures with his new lover on his Instagram account.

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Not yet outdone, it didn’t take the exotic dancer a long while before she started yet another relationship with a young Durban DJ who is 10 years younger than her, popularly known as Dlala Thukzin. Although the two had taken to social media to share their photos, not many thought they were dating.

More so, it seemed to have fizzled out almost as fast as it fizzled in. The young DJ once introduced Zodwa as his side chick, but that was the first and last time she appeared on his Instagram. She also had the same picture on her Instagram describing him in a raunchy manner with the caption, “Meet my main d*** Dlala”. Since then, it is still not clear who she might be dating.