Zahara puts a hater in their place

Zahara puts a hater in their place

Things are going extremely well for Zahara, she has just featured on Vusi Nova’s recent single – Usezondibona, she’s also getting booked right, left and centre and her fans are still behind her 100%

However, with all the positivity surrounding her, there are always those few people who are hell-bent on bringing her down, but throughout the years, Zahara has developed a very tough skin and has realised that sometimes you just have to put a troll in their place.

Last night, the singer was applauded for her interview on BET’s ‘In Her Voice’ and whilst many showed her love there just had to be that one troll who came at her sideways and let’s just say Zahara had to handle the troll real quick after the troll said something that they eventually deleted, but it was too late as Zahara had seen the tweet and responded by dragging the persons Twitter profile picture.

Another social media user asked Zahara to balance him about the new single she and Vusi Nova made and let’s just say Zahara didn’t appreciate the tweet.

Zahara then replied by saying: “Balance you, are you a maths equation?”


She has since deleted the tweet.

Sometimes social media will bring out the worst in you but then again some people just need to be put in their place when out of line.