NEWS: Dineo Ranaka Deletes Suicidal Instagram Posts

Dineo Ranaka Deletes Suicidal Instagram Posts

Yesterday, the sensational radio presenter and host, Dineo Ranaka, shared on her Instagram account her empathetic understanding of individuals who experience suicidal thoughts.

In a series of posts, she revealed that it takes a lot to stay alive and now she understands why people end it all.

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β€œI completely understand souls/spirits/people that commit suicide. I get it. I get them.” She said.

She also revealed that life has been so hard and that she is battling with the urge to end it all but that her best might not be enough.

β€œBecause I’m trying my best to not commit suicide, my mind is so loud of late and life is fu*&&ng hard and I’m trying my best, but it seems my best is not enough,” she continued.

After lots of support shown and contacts made, the celebrated presenter has taken down her suicidal posts. For now, not many know exactly what is eating Dineo Ranaka up but many are suggesting that it has a lot to do with daily life struggle and the challenges of being a single mother.