Tebogo Khalo on not starting a family

Tebogo Khalo on not starting a family.

Tebogo Khalo has been on our TV screens for more than a decade now and although she’s known more for her talent than her private life, the actress has come out to reveal that she’s not planning on starting a family.

In a recent interview, Tebogo said that although she’s very family orientated and loves children she constantly has to remind herself that starting her own family isn’t the route she wants to take.

“Family and friends are everything to me and I have the most fun when I’m with them…but I’m finding it difficult because I am getting older and I get broody, but I just remind myself of my decision when this happens,”

The actress also mentioned that it’s her busy life that has led her and her husband to make such a decision and the pressure that comes with having a busy life.

“I made the decision because of the pressure of life. I think it is unfair to have kids when life is so complex. I think it is the pressure and fear of bringing a soul on earth and raising them.” Move magazine.