Sabelo Ngema on his fiance’s pregnancy

Sabelo Ngema on his fiance’s pregnancy.

He’s a proud father of four and with the latest addition into his family Sabelo Ngema shares how he enjoyed every moment of his fiance’s pregnancy.

Engaged to the gorgeous Thandeka Zulu and mother to his youngest son whom he named iWundlu Lama Dlokuvu, Sabelo has come out to express how much he enjoyed his wife’s pregnancy.

Speaking to Drum magazine, the musician also revealed that he was the one who actually realised first that his fiance’ was pregnant before she did.

“I’ve been a part of his life from day one, since conception. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even know she was pregnant until I told her. We had agreed to use contraceptives, but that month she forgot to use her patch.”

Talk about a seriously involved father.

Sabelo even mentioned that he felt as though he was the one pregnant as he felt as though he was the one experiencing all the complications that come with becoming pregnant.

“My fiance’ had no complications, no morning sickness, no weight gain whatsoever, but I had all those complications. It felt like I was the pregnant one, I even gained weight.”

he couple has revealed that they are in no rush to get married and are just enjoying becoming parents to their new bundle of joy.

Just recently Thandeka revealed the first pictures of her child on Instagram and he is just so adorable.