Rapper Emtee Confirms His Departure From Ambitiouz Entertainment Record

Rapper Emtee Confirms His Departure From Ambitiouz Entertainment Record

Emtee Is Finally free from the Huge Grip of his former label Ambitiouz Entertainment.

As seen on his Instagram earlier this week:

“After much back and forth between my attorneys and Ambitiouz Entertainment, my attorneys confirmed that there was legally no reason why I could not leave Ambitiouz Entertainment to pursue my career as I saw fit, I accordingly proceeded to do precisely that, on Thursday 08 August 2019.”

One of our favorite Rappers from South Africa Emtee has announced his departure from his former record label via an Instagram post he let out recently.

About two months ago, rumors concerning this split have been making headlines with the speculations taking heat as the rapper created the hashtag #FreeEmtee via Twitter and other Social Media Platforms as he expressed his feelings over the rigidity of his record label and how they influenced his relationships with other artistes and collaborations as well.

When he had a meeting, not to long ago, with TshisaLIVE in June, he said there were negotiations ongoing to make sure that his departure from the label would not sprout further trouble and be as smooth as possible.

Finally, after months of “roll overs” Emtee has confirmed that he will leave the label after a meeting with his attorneys.

His new official contact mail is: Bookings@emtee.co.za


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