NEWS: Vusi Nova survives car accident (Video)

Vusi Nova survives car accident (Video).

Vusi Nova gets involved in a car accident after performing at Somizi Mhlongo’s Golden Jubilee event.

The musician, his friend, and two bodyguards were on their way to Vaal on Saturday night, the 4th of March when their car crashed.

β€œVusi’s Land Rover is a complete write-off. I am not sure about the police van. Luckily everyone is okay. The police officer had to be rushed to the hospital and the bodyguard’s eye was badly hurt,” a witness told ZiMoja.

β€œVusi and the other have minor injuries on the bodies, scratches, and bumps on the leg which they had checked out by the paramedics who arrived on the scene,” the witness added.

The Ndikuthandile hitmaker shared videos from the accident scene on Instagram and further expressed gratitude for life.