NEWS: Uncle Waffles Comes Out As Bisexual (Video)

Uncle Waffles Comes Out As Bisexual (Video)

Famous Mzansi Disc Jockey Uncle Waffles comes out as bisexual in a new video.

Mzansi DJ Uncle Waffles has been having the time of her life on the music scene this year. A while ago, the “Red Dragon” hitmaker was trolled with rumors of being transgender.

Rumor was that she was born a man and later changed into a woman. Later, photos of her from childhood were released, and she also spoke out to slam the rumors. This time, Waffles is on everyone’s lips. She spoke out about her sexuality in a recent Livestream.

She revealed that she is bisexual but is currently in a relationship with a man. Waffles said, “I am bisexual, but I am in a heterosexual relationship.” Since she made the revelation, social media has blown up with various reactions. Many have spoken out in support and praised her for coming out. Check the video out below.