NEWS: J Molley Suicidal Posts Have Got South Africans Worried

J Molley social media posts have got fans worried. In a series of post which was shared on his socials, the rapper threatened to take his own life. From J Molley’s past posts, it seems like the celebrated Hiphop star is battling with depression.

Self-harm warning from an established figure like J Molley should be a call for concern. Why many might want to take it as a joke, the rappers seems serious and sure needs our love and encouragement at this time of his life.

“Only Shamiso Can Save Me But She Won’t. Bye Guys, I’m Sorry 💔… It’s already done guys. The process of death has started. There’s no turning back. I’m sorry 💔” – J Molley

J Molley Rescued
After drinking a drug that seems to be dangerous to one’s health on his Instagram live feed, fans reached out to J Molley’s hideout and according by a tweep called Peter, J Molley was found at The Capital Empire in Sandton and is been attended to by the paramedics.

“They found J Molley at The Capital Empire in Sandton, The receptionist Henry called me back to inform me
Thank God!!!! The paramedics are on the scene, his state hasn’t been confirmed. That one person that commented on live insta saved his life, I would’ve not called the hotels.”
 – Peter