NEWS: Black Coffee Sent Out Tweets That Shows He is Having A Mental Breakdown

Black Coffee Sent Out Tweets That Shows He is Having A Mental Breakdown

Black Coffee just like every human on earth battle with one form of emotional breakdown or the other and he is open about his struggles. Recently, the veteran deejay has sent out some tweets that shows all is not well with him.

Opening to fans about his current state of mind, Black Coffee tweeted that he wasn’t okay and that his wish for other men like him is for them to be open about their problem and be vulnerable when necessary.

After getting positive encouragements from fans, Black Coffee further reveals how the actions of his ex still haunt him till this very day. He stated that false accusation of physical assault levied on him by his ex wife has left a heavy void in his heart that no court of law could ever fix.

“The day my ex accused me of physically harming her,nothing was the same. It has left a heavy void in my heart a void I can’t shake off.I lost a big part of myself,no court of law could ever fix the pain and shame I still carry today. My late father was abusive,to see her continue to ride that wave as a victim using me and using some of my tweets about it on that swimwear as an activist is quite dark and irresponsible.She knows people who abused her she must confront them and leave me alone.” He tweeted.

With the support he has got so far, Black Coffee is advising all to be open and offer assistance when men show vulnerability.

“Thank you for positive messages I’ll be fine ??
Going through some of the comments makes one realize why most men bottle things up and some even take their lives,I hope you listen and offer support to men in your lives when they show vulnerability.”
 – he said.