MaKhumulo denies that she agrees with everything her husband says

MaKhumulo denies that she agrees with everything her husband says.

She may be a lot of things but she’s definitely not someone who always agrees with what her husband has to say.

Although the reality show isn’t airing anymore, one thing that has stood out from the last season, was how MaKhumalo was constantly criticised for agreeing with everything her Mr Mseleku had to say, to a point where some viewers thought that she was just spineless and could not disagree at times with what her husband

However, MaKhumalo has gone out to deny this and has also encouraged other women to not always agree with the decisions of their partners, no matter how much they love and support them.

According to Isolezwe MaKhumalo mentioned this during a women’s conference in Durban recently.

There is a difference between obeying a man and agreeing on everything. It is not only a matter of obeying your husband but of anyone you meet. It is not right to accept everything your husband says, especially when he’s wrong. I know you’ll say how much I agree with everything, but you must use your wisdom/intelligence as a wife, do not undermine your husband’s dignity for the whole world to see,” she said.

She further explained that on the show, she would agree on everything not because she thought her husband was right but because she did not want to make a spectacle out of him. She mentioned that she would let him finish his point and then would try to show him another way of approaching a situation.

Some of her yes-man tactics were strategic and not ways of simply agreeing with her husband.