LYRICS: Jay Jody – Rollin’ Loud In Quiet Places ft. Ginger Trill

Jay Jody Rollin’ Loud In Quiet Places ft. Ginger Trill Mp3 Lyrics

[Intro: Jay Jody]
Yeah, uhm
So I’m havin’ my first cup of green tea for the day
I’m ’bout to hit the gym after that
Just gonna take pre-workout and protein then I’m out
I’m feelin’ good, I’m healthy, you know?

[Verse 1: Jay Jody, Ginger Trill]
(Yeah, look)
You can check the temperature, dawg, I’m still the coldest
Accordin’ to thermometers I’m 33 below degrees
Ice box where my heart used to be
That’s courtesy of politics and shady regulations in the industry
I purposely, chose the rocky path of independency
Knowin’ quite well I’m takin’ L’s to build a legacy
The less they see the better, protectin’ every endeavour
The attitude is ‘Now or never’, strategy is ‘work clever’
Focus on the finer things, life is not forever, dawg
Workin’ on a pile of things, gotta get it however, dawg
Gotta watch your temperaments
Emotional intelligence could probably aid your relevance
Just take it from a real nigga, dawg
Cash flow ’til it’s deep pockets
We just wanna swim in the money just like the submarine
But we don’t wanna die for the money, leavin’ a gruesome scene
We seldom seen but always on your mental like a recurrin’ dream
If you knew then you would know my life’s a miracle
I am very spiritual, the weed is all medicinal
I get high peacefully, where the crime is minimal
My sanity and safety have become so very pivotal
Checkin’ out my distro account, I’m good on digital
Power play talkin’ big numbers after the decimal (Trill Gang)
Don’t count prior to hatchin’, that’s the principal (Uh huh)
The profit is a promise (Uh) if we keep it all professional

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[Verse 2: Ginger Trill]
This how it feels when you win a race
Appetite for success, exquisite taste
Health is wealth, throwin’ no beef on my dinner plate
Suave gentleman, told destiny “Go and pick a date”
Pick a dress, pick a place
Picket fence, real estate
Bespoke, my style is pronounced – it’s murder he wrote
The contract killer, catch contact, that’s free shmoke
It’s combat, kid, I’m in beast mode
I even sleep woke
They’ll never understand me ’cause they don’t speak GOAT
Fuck with me, walk with a boss – I move luxury
I tally up the profit and loss, I’m smoove company
Great business, I’m in a power circle with shapeshifters
Take pictures, who got bars just like a state prisoner? (Uh huh)
How you hate on my run but never did that?
That’s big cap
Play with my funds, I’m finna spin back, to get that
I play with my sons, that’s how I give back
I put this razor blade on my tongue then get my lick back (Trill Gang)

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