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Watch Nasty C Kill The Lines On This Interview On Sway In The Morning With Shade 45. The Dude Literally Murdered The Beat Freestyling Like He Was Born With A Rap Spoon.

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Intro: Nasty C & Sway]
(Sway in the Morning)
Bad Hair
O-three-one, O-three-one
(Durban stand up)
(Shade four-five)
(Number one hip hop show on the planet)
(Nasty C)

Short, big-headed, I’m the rappin’ Caillou
Low life youngin’ but I get as high as Snoop
The balls on this kid could bucket the highest hoop
Touchin’ all of the kids, I got pedophile moves
I surround myself with people that’s prepared to go the extra mile for me
If you change up we don’t reconcile
Those kind of memories can never die
My middle finger’s like my second child, I raise it well
Instrumentals like you sound like you was raised in hell
I wasn’t, but when I’m there I kick my feet up
So to some of my exs when you die I might see ya
And we can have a sixteen-some
Young hyena, I eat ya
Young high beast on hot beats I’m ether, try keep up
Will not need for any besides Jesus
And my girl got a Khaled album body, nice features
Wife beater, one night each one
They don’t like to stay over or say good night neither
I am not the one, I don’t like people
I don’t get checked, I don’t check the price either
I’m from oh-three-one, that’s Durban
Straight flat splurgin’, gettin’ it ’cause we deserve it
You heard me
Yeah, look, tell ’em
Niggas [?] they be facin’ like some faggots, sorry
I’m takin’ twice of that when I’m at practice
I take my medication like an addict
Matter fact, let me take some medication while I’m at it
Take a second, watch her drowning all my kids, I’m yellin’ paddle girl paddle
Take that D and L and E and handle girl handle
All I’m bringin’ to the beat is ammo more ammo
You know Nasty C, bettin’ on this boy ain’t no gamble
Started when I was beatin’ off to Marissa
Now I finally get to blame it on the money when my wrist hurt
‘Cause I be countin’ money from breakfast to when it’s dinner
Shit it’s either that or shaking up two liters of that sizzurp
I’m goin’ through some shit, even started listening to gospel
I’ma lose my shit if I have to see another doctor
I been losing sleep, all this fame gave me a shock
‘Cause I blew up and saw that all these niggas deserved some Oscars, I’m serious
Shit’s hilarious, these niggas scandalous
It’s not what you imagine, they a bunch of savages
That’s what it comes to, they’ll change up on they families
You change up on your own for some change, that’s the saddest shit ever
Whatever happened to the loyalty now?
It went so far I almost let the drama boil me down
But shit I blame myself, I expect to be more from me now
Should’ve been smarter, how I let the money spoil me now?
Damn, long road ahead of me, I’m booted for the trip
Now look at how I’m servin’ ’em, I deserve a tip