Kwesta drags BMW SA for stealing from him (Read What Really Happened)

South African rapper, Kwesta calls out the popular german car manufacturer, BMW SA for stealing his concept from him.

The car brand dropped a new video advert and it purely looked like Kwesta’s work.

The rapper claims they sampled his Spirit music video.

Kwesta also sampled another artist song for the Spirit song, but claimed he did the needful before he could copy the artist’s song, so, BMW should do the needful.

“Do the right thing!!! It took so much effort from so many people to get the rights to sample that song. We did the right thing because we understood the value of the art! This ad cheapens all of those efforts. DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ‘The Grootmans’ @BMW_SA,” he tweeted.

Social media users also voiced out on his behalf as he is seen trending on social media.